KiSS for wheelchairs™  Our seats are comfortable because they move!

"The KiSS seat has the potential to improve the lives of many children and adults with disabilities."
The Center for Discovery

"The idea to develop a dynamic seating system is
innovative and seeks to answer a real clinical question.
If successfully designed, a wheelchair seating system 
that permits movements without compromising stability
would have a good to very good potential."

reviewer from the National Institute of Health

"I have been using the new seat back since Monday and all week and have been putting in long hours and it's been great! I feel like I'm using muscles in my back and shoulders I never did before which is not a bad thing I'm trying fix my posture it's been almost 15 years I've been using a hard Jay back."
"Going up the long ramp unlocked was very easy to push I never really flexed the back, but I do have the quickie extenders, so I never really need to use my seat back to stabilize myself and I don't have to reach back far to get more power like I did when I was in a manual chair."