KiSS for wheelchairs™  Our seats are comfortable because they move!

Kinetic Innovative Seating System LLC was formed in 2010 to make wheelchair seats that let the user move.

Ms. Farricielli, a product designer noticed problems with the wheelchair her grandmother was using. In 1995 she applied for and received a National Endowment for the Arts grant to design a Wheelchair for the Elderly. The design resulted in a prototype with an innovative seating system that lets wheelchair users flex and move in their seat without risk of falling over. The invention was patented in 1999 (US Patent #5,904,398). After that Farricielli turned her attention to teaching. As the years passed, Farricielli’s father used the KiSS prototype then her sister used it before they both succumbed to cancer.

When angel investor Janet Carrus heard about the KiSS invention she offered to give  KiSS a kick start Ms. Carrus has been a benefactor for many health-related organizations, including the Center for Discovery, New York Presbyterian Hospital and the Global Outreach Medical Program. Her passion to help and inspire those with disabilities has led her to produce  the motion picture MUSICAL CHAIRS a pulse-pounding romance about a ballroom dancer who finds new hope after being injured in an automobile accident. Featuring dis[en]abled actors and dancers MUSICAL CHAIRS is a love story set against the backdrop of a "Wheelchair Ballroom Dance Competition" and is a testament to the strength of human spirit, love and compassion. The film was nominated for a GLAAD award in 2013 and features actress Auti Angel of Sundance Channel’s Push Girls.

Robert Zampano has joined the company to head business development. Robert's corporate and entrepreneurial experience has gained him a greater appreciation of business leadership roles ranging from technical and managerial challenges for future endeavors. Many of his entrepreneurial goals have been successfully achieved using a mind-set characterized by strong business motivated with insightful vision and critical thinking practices. One top priority is commercial success, an approach to focus on the big picture; understanding details towards a well-defined purposefulness. Robert's keen awareness serves as a strategic catalyst role in determining future goals and opportunities objectively in the marketplace.